Dirty Thirty x Geelong Creatives

There's only one thing we love more than parties and celebrations and that's collaborating with other small businesses and sharing the creative love.

When the mood board for the Geelong Creatives photo shoot dropped in our inbox we let out a little squeal. Firstly, we LOVE mood boards that inspire us (Pinterest anyone?!). Secondly, it was a delicious combination of tropical party inspo with a mouth-watering list of Creative members that we had been chosen to appear alongside. How much talent can be packed into one shoot?! A lot as it turns out.

Hosted by local vineyard Mt Duneed Estate, the scene was set for a lush foliage bash, with tropical fronds provided by As Daisy Does sitting perfectly against the backdrop of the outside entertainment area of the winery. A winery is a fantastic choice when choosing a venue for your party. Not only do you have fantastic wines at hand but also they often provide a tonne of ambience in rustic styling on their own.

Keeping to the tropic brief, an eye-popping cake from Two Birds Cake Designs was laid amongst a summer fruit lined table, complete with pineapple cake topper and beautiful blooms.

We love the idea of bringing natural elements into your party styling, especially when they can be eaten! Nature can be huge source of inspiration so when thinking about the look of your party why not take a walk around your neighbourhood to see who’s growing something spectacular in their garden you could use or visit the local florist. Whilst we have been known to grab gum leaves from the tree on the nature strip, or maybe break off a long tendril of ivy hanging from a fence , we certainly recommend asking your neighbours before you dive in with the clippers and hack to pieces a prized rose bush!

For a party table that smells as good as it looks, why not add some sweet scented candles. Candles have long been used to create an intimate atmosphere. In this case we love Jaeba Home's Pineapple candles that keep the sultry summer vibe.

To add a highlight layer to the party styling, foil is bang on trend right now. We love the fun gold touches on the invites we created, plus the giant “30” balloons from Lombards. These foil balloons are EVERYWHERE right now and so hot to style any party from baby shower’s to first birthdays. We love thinking outside the square spelling ages (ONE vs. 1) and even full word balloons in script fonts like "yay" are around. Insert heart eyes here.

And what's a party without some stylish kit to wear? Partos & Pike were alongside Kalt Clothing to ensure the guests looked on point. And all adorned with accessories from BLT Jewelry, Kissy and Betsey Blonde. See?! We Creative’s don't just get your party stylin' but you too!

What's that you say? We keep mentioning these "Creative’s" but exactly who are they and what do they do? Well besides party inspo, what you'll notice is this shoot offers you a visual feast of just some the talent that Geelong has on offer. As a collective we form Geelong Creative’s.

Set up as a website directory platform, it's a central place where you can find members who are local artisans, creators and makers. It's the perfect go to when planning your big event from a 30th to a wedding. And not just parties - have you SEEN the quality of the homewares available?!?! Seriously amazing AF. And all of it found locally in the Geelong region.

On the website, each business has a bio including links to contact them. Many have online stores for you to shop, however our fave - there's a POP UP SHOP!!!! Currently at 16 Rutland St, it offers wares from a selection of the members that make the perfect gift for him, her, them.... Or you! The Pop Up is in its last week this week and is offering 20% off so hurry before it’s gone.

Details from this shoot:

Geelong Creatives Website geelongcreatives.com.au
Photography: Chris Allen Photography
Location: Mt Duneed Estate
The Creatives:
Sketch and Etch Creative
Betsy Blonde
Jaeba Home
Green Hip
Thunder Point Creative
Kalt Clothing
Danger and Moon
Partos and Pike
Two Birds Cakes
Shirly J Candles
Aubrey Rachel
AnnaBelle Creativity

 Party on Party Peeps x


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